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Informational project INFO-PARTS created for an audience of experts in the field of auto service, as well as the distribution business of automotive components of the CIS countries and Europe.

Our Audience

Auto repair garage
Autoparts stores
Aftermarket marketers
& experts
& vendors

Maximum Coverage Of All Interests Of The Online Audience

  • Aftermarket breaking corporate news
  • Legal & regulatory framework transport sphere
  • Technologies, lifehacks on maintenance & repair service
  • Aftermarket analysis
  • Aftermarket/automotive blogs by experts, leadership point of view

Our database of auto repair garages is more than 32 000 contacts

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Size Price per
Month Quarter Year
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1 800
730х75рх 140 390
1 495
350х300рх 160 445
1 700
350х160рх 150 415
1 600

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«Info-Parts» Press and Media Services

Service Price Result
Article development
Indicated price is per 2000 chars
120 A highly SEO-optimized text for the best search queries****
Article translation and adaptation
Indicated price is per 2000 chars
75 Professional translation and SEO-optimization for the best search queries****
Article rewriting
Indicated price is per 5000 chars
75 Adaptation of article for the specifics and SEO-optimization for the best search queries****
Web-banner development
Indicated price is per 1 banner with up to 3 edits and up to 3 hours per banner
90 Modern design of any difficulty
Article placement
Indicated price is per placement of article up to 2000 chars
70 Target audience reach increase
retention in the TOP news, main page
2 weeks of retention in the TOP news, main page
200 +25% target audience reach
Publications on Facebook, Vkontakte BONUS Extra 5000 target audience reach
Quizzes and competitions
Hot engagement with your brand
150 200+ engagements with analytic data and feedback about your brand
Email newsletter
32k target audience emails
250 Highly effective email marketing with 20+% of letter openability
Weekly Email Digest
20%+ letter openability
125 8000+ subscribers reach

**** - data is collected with a special unique Info-parts analytic software created to get the highest SEO results ever

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